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Bow Window Construction

Explore the basics behind bow window construction and learn about what goes into making and supporting these great home additions.

Bow Window Boxes

Today, many bow window manufacturers buy their bow boxes from companies such as Bay World. The boxes can either be built to spec or come in a number of standard or stock sizes. The bow box often use a veneer of oak or birch for the seat and side jambs. The manufacturer buys the box and then inserts their own windows into the premade units. The installer will often match the wood casing of the oak or birch to add a nice elegant look to it.

Support Systems

Bow windows are supported by one of several methods. The easiest and oldest way is that the bow simply sat on the ledge of a wall that provided all the necessary support. This assumed a well made wall that could support this extra weight and stress on the framework. In the absence of a strong wall, some "old school" bow windows used external brackets that would provide the support.

Most modern bow windows have their own cable or turnbuckle support system. These are internal supports are not exposed to the elements and therefore do not weather like other external bracket systems can.

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