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Bow Windows Pictures

See great bow windows pictures and photos.

Here is a good example of how the windows are mulled together. Here they have transom windows on top of the main windows. These are either vinyl frames or fiberglass on the outside with painted wood casing and either a wood interior or a nice interior vinyl finish that looks very solid aesthetically.

This is an interior shot of a beautiful oak wood bow window. This is a wonderful example of how bow windows can turn an ordinary wall into one of the main focal points of a home. This addition would have been very expensive, especially given the 6 window set up and thick wood frames that were clearly custom made.

All of our bow windows pictures so far have been fixed, but here you see that each of the side windows is a single or double hung - tough to tell from this distance. Most bow set ups use fixed windows for the aesthetics, but sometimes you need to get the breeze going.

Additional Bow Windows Pictures

This is a beautiful exterior shot that uses casements on the outside and then two larger panes on the bottom and smaller panes on the top. This is a great set up that looks great from the outside and if the blinds were open you can imagine what a great second story view this wiould provide for the owners.

This is a different set up that is basically a ribbon window where there is no frame to the window panes. The panes of glass are silicon caulked and sealed together. You often see ribbon windows on commerical buildings, but rarely on residential ones.

Here is a three window set up that is almost indistinguishable from a bay window. There is tons of space between the windows, which is less common for bows but not unheard of.

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